winding Resistance

Equipment to Measure Transformer Winding Resistance

  • Pure, filtered DC power source for the highest accuracy readings
  • Charges inductive loads up to 1,500 Henry
  • 2 independent measuring channels
    Fully automatic cooling curve analysis (option AHRT-01)
  • Fast discharge with discharge indicator – visible and audible indicator for discharge status
Data Sheet
  • Pure, Filtered DC Power Source For The Highest Accuracy Readings
  • Complete, Automatic Calibration System And System Diagnostics
  • Automatic Measurements Of Resistance From 0.00μΩ To 100kΩ
  • Demagnetizing Circuit And Fastest Discharge Time On The Market
  • Internal Printer And Data Storage Of Over 10,000 Measurements
  • Simple To Operate Color LCD Touch Screen With Back Light
Data Sheet
Raytech mini-ATOS
  • Built-in Fully Automatic Multiplexer
  • Winding Resistance Measurements, Dual Power Supply
  • Turns Ratio, Excitation Current and Phase Displacement Measurements
  • Transformer Winding Connection and Vector Group Detection
  • Demagnetization With the Raytech SPP (Smart Pattern Predictor) Method
  • Core Magnetic Balance Measurement
  • DRM (Dynamic Resistance Measurement)
  • FRSL (Frequency Response of Stray Losses)
  • Tap Changer Motor Current Measurement
Data Sheet
  • Performs three phase testing on a transformer without the need to switch cables
  • Can provide individual Delta winding resistance values
  • Can provide individual Wye (with no neutral) winding resistance values
  • Demagnetize transformer after test
    Selectable test current from 1A to 40A
    Computer control via RS-232C, USB, or Bluetooth interface
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