Power Factor

Transformer Test Sets

Doble M4100
  • Power Factor and Tan-Delta testing
  • HV turns ratio testing to detect shorted turns or winding damage
  • Leakage reactance / short circuit impedance testing
  • Single phase excitation current testing
  • Capacitor bank testing
Data Sheet
  •  Leakage reactance module used in conjunction with the Doble M4000/4100 to help indicate transformer winding deformation
  • Can measure and calculate both single phase and three-phase equivalent leakage reactance and loss for transformers
  •  Supports both IEEE-62 and IEEE C57.152 test standards
Data Sheet
Megger CB100
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 100 Hertz test frequency■28 volt test voltage
  • Test mode selector switch
  • Direct reading of capacitance and dissipation factor
  • Perform tests in UST and GST configuration
Data Sheet
Megger DELTA4000
  • Power factor test set
  • Automatic and manual operation
  • Accurate and repeatable measurement results with high noise suppression
  • Lightweight, rugged two-piece design
  • New built-in intelligent temperature correction (patent pending)
  • New automatic voltage dependence detection
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Megger TRAX
  • Power & distribution transformers
  • Instrument transformers
  • Bushings
  • LV, MV and HV circuit-breakers
  • Busbars
  • Protection relays
  • Grounding systems
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Omicron CPC100
  • Performs electrical tests on power transformers, current transformers, voltage transformers and rotating machines
  • Multifunction unit saves cost for transportation and cuts down testing time
  • TD12 module enables power/dissipation factor measurements
  • Can operate via the integrated front panel or by using the Primary Test Manager (PTM) software from a laptop
Data Sheet
Omicron CP TD12
  • Wider frequency range for more sensitivity (15 Hz – 400 Hz)
  • Testing at variable frequencies for better condition diagnosis
  • Excellent suppression of mains frequency interference fields
  • High-voltage source for partial discharge measurements up to 15 kV
  • Portable component and simple to transport using a trolley
Data Sheet
Raytech CAPO 2.5
  • Battery-operated, making it convenient to use
  • Very light and portable – complete system weighs less than 22 kg (49 lbs.)
  • Built-in standard capacitor
  • Power factor cos  / dissipation factor tan δ reading
  • Test frequency 10 Hz to 400 Hz
  • Internal storage for over 10,000 test results
  • External safety switch and safety ground detect for safe operation
  • Temperature channel with user selectable correction
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