Equipment to Measure the Turns Ratio Between Transformer Windings

omicron testrano 600
  • Transformer Turns Ratio
  • DC Winding Resistance
  • Dynamic Resistance
  • Demagnetization
  • Short-Circuit Impedance / Leakage Reactance
  • Frequency Response of Stray Losses
  • OLTC Scan / Dynamic Resistance (DRM)
  • Vector Group Check
  • Cooldown Test
  • Power Losses at Low Voltages
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omicron CP SB1
  • The CP SB1 is an accessory for the CPC 100 and simplifies measurement of three-phase power transformers
  • Time saving: Rewiring no longer necessary
  • Safety: one-time connection of cables
  • Minimization of measurement errors: Fully automated testing
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Vanguard ATRT-03
  • Ratio range: 0.8 ¬ 15,000 : 1
  • Capable of detecting 130 different 3-phase transformer types defined by ANSI, IEC, and Australian standards
  • 3 test voltages: 8Vac, 40Vac, and 100Vac
    Phase angle and excitation current
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Vanguard TSB
  • The TSB, or Trip Saver Box, is best suited for those situations where a bucket truck is required to connect test cables to transformer bushings for performing Winding resistance and transformer ratio tests
  • The TSB is compatible with all Vanguard 3-phase TTR instruments and TRM-203/403 winding resistance meters.
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  • Fully automatic, continuous operation system
  • Battery-operated.
  • Reverse Polarity Test
  • Continuity Test
  • Test current up to 1A for CT testing.
    Pass / Fail Function
  • Save up to 16 Transformers for comparison.
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Raytech T-Rex
  • Optional system accessory for 3-phase transformer ration meter test sets
  • Fully remote-controlled by TR-Mark II, TR-Mark III, and TR-Mark III 250V
  • Outputs a pure three phase sine wave
  • Automatic selection of test voltage frequency
  • Measures phase relationships other than multiples of 30°
  • Measures phase shifting transformer
  • Measures power rectifier transformer
Data Sheet
  • Extended test voltage measurement range of up to 250V
  • Automatic measurements of voltage, turns ratio, current, and phase displacement.
  • Automatic test voltage range
  • Displays deviation from a nominal ratio
  • Load on test object
  • Measures power transformers PTs and CTs
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