Relay Test Sets

Test Sets For Any Relay Protection Scheme

DOBLE f6150e
  • Performs standard relay calibration and verification testing of high burden and microprocessor relays
  • Analog testing of 1 A and 5 A protection devices
  • Performs state simulation and transient testing
  • Tests 0.2-class metering CTs and transducers
  • Implements end-to-end testing of communications-based schemes with GPS time syncing
  • Maximum of 12 sources (six voltage, six current) configurable for bench testing and proof-of-concept testing for complicated relaying schemes
  • Delivers full VA power with resistive, inductive and capacitive loads at maximum current rating (6 x 35, 3 x 70, 1 x 210 A)
Data Sheet
Manta MTS-5100
  • Large 10.1” display
  • Six AC/DC Currents
  • Four AC/DC Voltages
  • 12 Contact / 0-250Vrms Voltage inputs
  • Four contact outputs
  • Transducer voltage/input
  • GPS input
Data Sheet
Megger sverker 900
  • The testbox for substation 3-phase testing
  • Three currents and four voltages
  • Stand-alone functionality
  • Rugged and reliable for field use
  • Generation of 900 V and 105 A in single phase mode
  • Secondary and primary testing

Omicron ARCO – 400
  • Plug-and-play solution for quick and easy testing of any recloser control
  • Rugged design and usable in harsh weather conditions
  • GPS synchronized automated distribution scheme tests
  • Easy-to-use software to wirelessly control ARCO 400, no special training required
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Omicron cmc 356
  • Highly versatile test set for all generations of relays and protection schemes
  • Ten binary inputs
  • Six current outputs
  • IEC 61850 capable
  • Provided with Test Universe Software
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Omicron CMLIB A
  • Connection of third-party devices to the CMC low level signal outputs
  • Connection of OMICRON amplifier units to any signal sources
  • Easy access to the low level signals between the CMC and a CMS 356
Data Sheet
Omicron CMGPS 588
  • Control one OMICRON test set at a predetermined point in time (triggering the starting point of a test process)
  • Synchronize the starting point of a test process of two or more OMICRON test sets
  • Accurately time-stamp data captured by an OMICRON test set
Data Sheet
Schweitzer SEL4388
  • Connect the SEL 4388 Mirrored Bits tester to the serial cable or fiber-optic transceiver connected to an SEL relay or processor Mirrored Bits Communications port
  • Verify the addressing and communications parameters for the channel through the LCD display
  • Observe the state if each transmitted (TMB) and received (RMB) bit on LEDs.
  • Transmit test bits using SEL-4388 pushbuttons
Data Sheet
Taylor 44S390 Pressure calibrator
  • Test the output of differential pressure (flow) readings of a pneumatic instrument with one hand while allowing the other hand to make calibration adjustments on the instrument being tested
  • Flexible hose and a 3/16" tube - 1/2" NPT compression fitting is supplied for quick and easy connection to unit being tested
  • Maximum Pressure of 18 psig
Data Sheet
Qualitrol Kit field test kit
  • Portable verification of proper Rapid pressure rise relay operation
  • Allows simple “go/no-go” field testing of all Qualitrol RPRRs
  • Rugged case with shoulder strap for carrying unit into the field
  • Rugged carrying case feature integrated components for field testing
  • Pressure gauge, power supply, test lights and operation buttons integrated into case
  • Setup and test instructions permanently affixed to inside of case
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