Ground Resistance

Earth Test / Ground Resistance Testers

AEMC 6416
  • High Sensitivity Measurement Function Of Leakage Current Flowing To Ground Or Circulating In Ground Loops From 0.2 MA To 40 A
  • Resistance Measurement From 0.01 To 1500 Ω
  • Contact Voltage Indication Warns Of Unsafe Conditions
  • Selectable Test Frequency Improves Accuracy In Inductive Environments
  • Data Storage Function (Ω And/Or A) With Time-Stamping Allows To Store Up To 2000 Measurements
  • Alarm Function With Adjustable Set Point And Buzzer For Quick Field Checks For Volts, Amps And Ohms
  • Large Jaw Opening Of 35 Mm
Data Sheet
AEMC 6471
  • Test Ground Resistance Using The 2 Clamp Method (No Auxiliary Rods Needed)
  • 2- And 4-Pole Bond Resistance/Continuity Measurement (DC Resistance) With Automatic Polarity Reversal
  • 3-Pole Fall-Of-Potential Measurement With Manual Or Automatic Frequency Selection
  • 4-Pole Soil Resistivity Measurement With Automatic Calculation Of Ρ And User Selection Of The Wenner Or Schlumberger Test Method
  • 3-Pole Earth Coupling Measurement
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FLUKE 1625-2
  • 3- And 4-Pole Fall-Of-Potential, Earth Resistance Loop Testing
  • 4-Pole Soil Resistivity Testing
  • Selective Earth Ground Rod Testing Using 1 Clamp
  • Stakeless Earth Ground Rod Testing Using 2 Clamps
  • IP56 Rated For Outdoor Use
  • Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) - Identifies Existing Interference And Chooses A Measurement Frequency To Minimize Its Effect, Providing More Accurate Earth Ground Value
  • R* Measurement – Calculates Earth Ground Impedance At 55 Hz To More Accurately Reflect The Earth Ground
Data Sheet
FLUKE 1630-2
  • Earth Ground Loop Resistance Measurements
  • Dual-Clamp Jaw
  • Maximum Voltage Range Up To 1,000 Volts
  • Fluke Connect Capability
  • Snaps Around Earth Ground Wire Or Bus Bar
  • Identifies AC Leakage Current And Logging Measurements
  • Records Minimum Data Of 32,760 Measurements
  • IP30 Tool/Thick Wire Protected
Data Sheet
  • Accurately Measures Ground Resistance Under The Most Demanding Conditions
  • High Resolution — 0.001 Ω With Auto Ranging
  • Simple Menu-Driven Operation
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  • High Resolution Of 1 MΩ, Ideal For Large Earth (Ground) Systems.
    Versatile Tests Modes
  • High Accuracy For Earth (Ground) Electrode Grid And Soil Resistivity Tests
  • Automatic Test Frequency. Selection, With Filters And High Current Features
  • Diagnostic Trace Display
Data Sheet
Omicron CP CU1 (CPC 100 ADD-ON)
  • Measurement is not affected by mains frequency interference – extremely precise measurement results are obtained
  • Compliance with the strictest safety standards for overhead lines and cables connections – diverting currents up to 30 kA
  • Easy to handle – heaviest component: 29 kg
  • Automatic logging: Results are recorded automatically by the software
Data Sheet
Omicron HGT1
  • Mobile solution – simplifies measurements at various locations inside and outside the substation
  • Frequency-selective measurement for effective noise suppression
  • Simulation of body and shoe resistance for step and touch voltage testing
  • Even more powerful with Primary Test Manager™ (PTM)
  • Fully automated due to GPS test point tracking and test current detection
  • Real-time assessment of step and touch voltages according to EN 50522 or IEEE 80
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