Trip Test Sets for a Wide Variety of Circuit Breakers

ABB PR010/T Secondary Injection Test Set
  • Capable of performing the functions of testing, programming and reading parameters for the protection units equipping ABB SACE low-voltage circuit-breakers.
  • The ABB PR010/T tests protection units by monitoring both their HW and SW component
Data Sheet
AC PRO Utility Relay B292
  • The Utility Relay Co. B-292 Secondary Injection Test Set is a single-phase test set specifically designed for testing the operation of the AC-PRO and AC-PRO-II microcontroller based trip units manufactured by Utility Relay Co
  • Test pick-up and time delays of the various protection functions by driving current into the trip unit on the secondary side of the CT circuit.
  • Test set will test 60, 50, 40 or 25 Hertz AC-PRO® trip units.
Data Sheet
AC-PRO Test Set B-291
  • The Utility Relay Co. B-291-MP Secondary Injection Test Set is a single-phase test set specifically designed for testing the operation of the AC-PRO-MPTM microcontroller based trip units manufactured by Utility Relay Co.
  • The AC-PRO-MP is a plug-in, direct replacement trip unit for the STR trip units on the Merlin Gerin & Square D Masterpact MP breakers.
Data Sheet
Eaton 70C1056
  • Can test the Digitrip 520, 520i, 520M, 520Mi, 520MC and 520MCi
  • In addition they can test the Digitrip1150 family consisting of the Digitrip 1150, 1150i, the Digitrip 1150V and 1150Vi, and the Digitrip 1150+ and 1150i+ by overlaying a nameplate on the tester.
Data Sheet
Siemens PTS4
  • Input - 120 Volts, 50 or 60 Hz, 15 Amps Maximum
  • Output - 0 to 120 Volts, 15 Amps Maximum
  • Maximum continuous current on high scale 1.0 Amp
  • Maximum continuous current on low scale 0.75 Amp
  • DC output for actuator test - 0 to 22 Volts Open Circuit
Data Sheet
Eaton GTUTK20
  • Operation from a 100-240VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Provides power to the trip unit for viewing and setting set- points with less than 15% load on the breaker or if the replaceable Trip Unit Battery needs replacing
  • Verification of metering (phase simulation)
  • Ground Fault Testing with Ground Fault Trip Indication
  • Temporarily disable the Ground Fault feature during single phase breaker testing
Data Sheet
Schneider S33595
  • The Square D function test kit designed to perform tests on Micrologic, NT and STR Trip units.
  • Zone-Selective Interlocking Test
  • Ground-Fault Inhibit
  • Thermal-Imaging Inhibit
Data Sheet
  • The Federal Pioneer DDT-USRC Field Test Unit is a battery powered portable test unit designed for the convenience of field testing of Type USR and USRC family of overcurrent relays
  • Use as either as a stand-alone unit or as a component of the air circuit breaker
Data Sheet
Siemens WLTS
  • The Siemens WLTS is a test device for WL Breaker Electronic Trip Units (ETU)
  • Handheld device is used to verify the proper operation of the trip unit, the energy transformers and current transformers as well as the tripping solenoid F5 and the measured value display.
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