Circuit Breaker Analyzers

Test Sets For a Wide Variety of Circuit Breakers

  • Monitor Breakers With Up To 4 Breaks Per Phase With Motion Measurements
  • Detect Main And Pre-Insertion Resistor Engagement And Timing On All 12 Channels
  • Record Up To Three Analog And Three Digital Customer Definable Parameters
  • Create And Manage Custom Circuit Breaker Test Plans With T-Doble Software
  • Measure Additional Parameters In The Mechanism Cabinet Using Doble Or 3rd Party Transducers
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Doble TR3190 Linear and Rotary Transducer
  • Circuit breakers must be tested and maintained to reliably clear faults and protect expensive apparatus.
  • Doble’s TDR circuit breaker test equipment can record even more data when they are combined with Doble transducers, clamps, cable kits and other accessories designed specifically for the variety of circuit breakers manufactured and in service today.
  • TDR Accessories include digital rotary and linear motion transducers, mechanical adapters, clamp-on current probes and cable sets for monitoring analog signals and contacts from within the breakers control mechanism cabinet.
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  • Light Weight, Portable Primary Injection Test Instrument
  • Overcurrent Relay Testing
  • Ground Fault Performance Testing For NEC 230.95
  • Circuit Breaker Testing
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  • 3-in-1 system: micro-ohmmeter, powerful AC/DC supply, and timing analyzer
  • One system for medium- and high-voltage circuit breakers
  • Low wiring effort
  • One combined report for all tests
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  • Simultaneous measurement for the 3 main contacts (open/ closed) and 2 auxiliary contacts, including pre-insertion resistors (if present in the circuit breaker)
  • Evaluates the synchronism between the circuit breaker poles
  • Determines the maximum currents, opening and closing times, simultaneously in both coils
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  • Fully analyze circuit breaker’s performance by measuring main contact and resistor contact time, stroke, velocity, over-travel, bounce back and contact wipes
  • USB PC interface/USB Flash drive interface
  • Store up to 200 test. records and 100 test plans internally
  • Initiate Breaker Operation
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  • Stand-Alone, Microcomputer-Driven EHV Circuit Breaker
  • Analyzes Contact Time, Stroke, Velocity, Over-Travel, And Contact Wipe
  • USB PC Interface/USB Flash Drive Interface
  • Can Store Up To 200 Test Records And 100 Test Plans
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