Power Quality

Power Quality Analyzers

  • Verification Of Power Distribution Circuits
  • Measurement And Recording Of Power System Quality(KW, VA, VAR)
  • Energy Metering (KVAh, VARh, KWh)
  • Monitor Phase Unbalances
  • Determine Harmonic Problems Originating From Source Or Load
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Monitor Sub-Metering
  • Determine Cost Of Energy Usage
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  • 0.1 % Accuracy
  • Power and Energy
  • Flicker per IEC 61000-4-15
  • Harmonics I, V to 50th, THD
  • Phase Angle I-I, V-V, I-V
  • Waveform Display
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  • Easily Read COMTRADE, PQDIF & PQZIP Files
  • Comprehensive Power Quality Module
  • Geographical Map View
  • Automatic Power Quality Report For EN50160, IEEE1159, FOL, GOST
  • Configurable Report Module To Design Your Own Report Template
  • Power Quality Grid Line Code Configuration
  • Export To Excel, Word, JPG & PDF
  • API To Matlab For Advance Post Processing Analysis
  • Export Data To COMTRADE, PQDIF, Excel & CSV
  • Multiple Site Investigation
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FLUKE 1750
  • Long-Term Analysis: Uncover Hard-To-Find Or Intermittent Issues
  • Power Quality Surveys: Quantify Power Quality Throughout A Facility, Documenting Results With Professional Reports
  • Quality Of Service Compliance: Validate Incoming Power Quality At The Service Entrance
  • Semi-Permanent Monitoring: Monitor Critical Equipment, Capturing Power Quality Events To Correlate With Equipment Malfunctions
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FLUKE 1777
  • Automatically Measure Power And Power Quality Parameters
  • At-A-Glance Power Quality Health For Faster Troubleshooting
  • Easily View V/A/Hz, Power, Dips, Swells, And Harmonics Data
  • Capture High-Speed Transients Up To 8 KV
  • Power Directly From Measurement Circuit Without A Line Cord
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  • Flex Thin Flex Current Probe (24 Inch/60cm)
  • The Fluke3210PRTF Probe Is Designed For Use With The Fluke 1750 Power Recorder And Measures Current From Very Low Frequencies Up To The 50th Harmonic Of A 50/60 Hz Power Supply
  • The Flexible And Lightweight Measuring Head Allows Quick And Easy Installation In Hard To Reach Areas And Around Large Conductors
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  • Advanced Power Quality Health—At-A-Glance Power Quality Health Data In Real Time So You Can Make Better Maintenance Decisions
  • Energy Loss Calculator—Discover The Costs Of Energy Loss Specifically Caused By Poor Power Quality
  • Highest Safety Rating In Industry—CAT III 1000 V / CAT IV 600 V
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  • The flexible iFlex current clamps Fluke i17XX with a sensor length of 61 cm expand the measuring range of the energy or power logger Fluke 17XX to 3000 A AC
  • The iFlex current clamps are connected directly to the loggers
  • Current measured values are displayed without error-prone scaling factors
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Fluke i40S
  • The Fluke i40s-EL Current Clamp-on Transformer is used for low current measurement
  • Suitable for making measurements up to 40A, and also measures accurately on 1A and 5A secondary current transformers
  • The i40s-EL jaw is capable of being clamped on current conductors up to 15mm in diameter
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  • Simultaneous measurement and display of all three-phase system parameters
  • Accurate phase angle measurement at low current levels
  • Versatile, menu-driven instrument with a built-in timer and data-logging
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