Cable/Fault Locator

Equipment for Detecting Cable Faults

IUP Fault Wizard
  • Power Source: Two internal 12 V sealed rechargeable lead/acid batteries or Auxiliary Pack
  • Charge Voltage: 0 to 10 kV
  • Capacitance: 7 uF
  • Max Energy: 350 Joules per pulse
  • Output Current: 12.5 mA for Hi-Pot Mode
  • Hi-Pot Voltage: 0 to 10 kV
  • Output Cable Length: 4.5 m (15')
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  • Field portable
  • Durable Pelican-style case
  • Large 10.5″ sunlight-readable LCD display
  • Arc reflection method
  • Current pulse method (Optional)
  • 3∅ comparison and difference
  • Automatic cursor placement
  • Built in memory to save waveforms
  • RS232 serial port to download data to PC
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Megger T3090
  • 0-25,000 ft continuous
  • Automatic or manual range selection
  • Optional sectionalizing
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Greenlee TV220
  • Return Loss Measurements
  • Multiple Event Marking
  • Pinpoint the faults that can cause micro-reflections which can be damaging to digital transmissions
  • Locate problem components in the customer drop
  • Can identify multiple events that are less than 2ft apart
  • High Voltage Tolerant: Will not be damaged by high voltages (up to 400V (DC + peak AC)
  • High Bandwidth: Tests more of your system capacity enabling users to pinpoint the faults that can cause micro-reflections which can be damaging to digital transmissions
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RD8200 Cable and Pipe Locator
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Sun light readable display, high performance audio system and vibration alerts for noisy environments
  • Sensitive and accurate signal processing for reliable results
  • Ideal for congested underground infrastructures
  • Rejects strong interfering signals
  • Identify target power cable in the presence of many
  • Encourage correct locator handling for improved detection
  • Monitor field operations through the automatic usage logging feature
  • Proof of work to differentiate your operations from your competition and add value to your client
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Megger DigiPHONE+
  • Finds the fault with unprecedented accuracy
  • Offers simple visual directions
  • Possesses smart background noise reduction
  • Automatically limits audio volume to 84 decibels
  • Requires no user adjustments
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